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Technical analysis and signals for more than 300 crypto currencies, attempting to indicate which cryptos will be or are bullish and bearish, trends based on historical movements and a number of other factors. CAUTION: Algo's are still in Beta

Frequently asked questions

Why use CryptosBulls?

With Trading or investing the odds are already stacked against most. The markets thrive on inconsistent methods, strategies, acting & reacting emotionally of its retail participants.
CryptosBulls has no bias or hopeum its just maths applied & cares not if an asset is good, bad or whether right or wrong this time, last time or anytime.

How are targets calculated?

The algorithms consider a number of Moving Averages, Candlestick patterns, RSI, Volume, Fib levels, sentiment & a ratio to the overall market.

Will I get a Lambo tomorrow?

CryptosBulls is just a tool to help identify potential trading possibilities, nothing is advice & should not be relied on. Rather use it to do further research and/or compare to your own analysis.

Is there a Paid version with more features?

FREE Technical analysis and signals for more than 300 crypto currencies, means just that FREE. No sign ups, No Telegram, No patreon No Discord

How can I support the site?

Share on Twitter, Follow @DCA_Cryptoz, sign up to any of the advertised exchanges using the ref links or send any donation to the wallets shown Thanks

Why need Donations when making so much trading profit?

Good question. Simple answer, it would be easier to take offline & run on a local server with no public access. Having the site online & accessible to all, takes time, money & effort.

Donate Bitcoin

Donations help to maintain the server, many of the calculations are fairly resource hungry. Thank you

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